Intergalactic Securities & Management Corporation

Advanced Technology Invention Continuum : [Trust & Accounts]
Intellectual Property and Capital
Individual, Entrepreneur, Bourgeoisie and Enterprise Continuum :
Inventor, Technology, Intellectual Property and Capital Continuum :
Inventor and Technology Protection and Deployment :
Suppressed Advanced Technology Integration :
Patents, Official Secrets, Classified & Restricted Technology
Books, Research, Documents, copyrights
Strategic, Operational, Tactical & Private Investment Accounts
Investment, Acquisition, Integration, Deployment
co-development, licensing, OEM, technology amplifiers
Infrastructure, Logistics, Enterprise & Production Infrastructure
Strategic Risk Management, Asset Protection, Privacy
Real estate and industrial infrastructure optimization :

Fuel, Energy Technology, Infrastructure & Logistics
Investment, Acquisitions, Enterprise

Fuel Systems Technology

Advanced Technology, Energy & Propulsion Systems

Advanced Engineeriing & Manufacturing

Co-development & Technology Integration

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