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Industry Development Continuum

Intergalactic Securities pro-active visionary work is also very down to earth and as real as it gets for practical and extremely dynamic development and deployment of the Economic Toolbox.

This includes the Industry Development Continuum, with tools, resources, products, services, orgnization, project management that offer an environment to build a proper economic industrial foundation and super structure in a more civilized advanced civilization with a integrated nation state sovereignty vision.

The Industry Development Continuum offers opportunity with exponential capabilities, power, productivity and profitability in the process of creating, enabling, augmentation and amplification, the reality of cause and effect, karma, synchronicity, providence, pro-active diligence in strategic, tactical, operational environments.

This allows and creates favourable conditions for more things to be possible, permanent victory, prosperity, the quality of life, the transformation of consciousness, capabilities and vision, our thoughts, dreams and vision into reality.

This is part of the alternate reality creation engine, with relevant options and an empowering freedom of choice.

Industry Development Continuum : [Trust & Accounts]

Mining, Foundery, Processing Technology & Infrastructure
Strategic and Industrial Resource Base : materials & products
Intergalactic Metal, Minerals, Materials Exchange :
Precious Metals :

Defence Technology
Defence and Advance Projects Materials Management & Logistics
Critical Materials Management & Logistics
Defense Technology Calibre Personnel
National, Industrial, Enterprise & Civil Defence

Advanced Technology Invention
Inventor, Technology, Intellectual Property & Capital Continuum :
Inventor and Technology Protection & Deployment :
Suppressed Advanced Technology Integration :

Transportation Projects Materials Management & Logistics
Rail, Trucking, Shipping, Air, Space
Engineeriing, Resource Base, Production & Logistics
automotive, marine, air, space, rail road vehicles & machinery

Construction Projects, Materials Management & Logistics
Real Estate Development, Investment, Acquisition
Industrial Infrastructure, General & Strategic Capabilities
Investment, Acquisition, Development
Enterprise, Capital, Personnel Infrastructure & Logistics

Petro Chemicals :
Big Oil, Fuel, Energy Technology, Infrastructure & Logistics;
Investment, Acquisitions, Enterprise, Lease;
Whitey's Gas Station - Fuel Co-operative & Fuel Dividends;
Refinery, rail cars, tar sands, oil & gas reserves;
Polymer, synthetic rubber, petroleum based products;
Zero tax, Zero reporting, hard currency and electronic commerce;
Forward Looking Statements - pro-active & counter-measures;
Fuel Systems, Free Energy & Advanced Technolgy;

Making the Paris Agreement Obsolete & Irrelevant or ….;
Optimizing Intergalactic Genius at a multi-dimensional level;
alignment of oil and gas development decisions;
unified with climate action & pro-active infrastructure logistics;
anti-corruption, pro-Canadian, anti-globallist;
Strategic Risk Management and much more;
Strategic, Operational, Tactical & Industry Enterprise Advantage;

Elimination of globalist plundering, crime, corruption and other "Agreements"
First Nations Trade & Development Agency;
High speed molecular separation advanced technology for Tar Sands;

Financial :
personnel, infrastructure & logistics
Polymer Banknotes & Securities Certificates;
Currency, trade systems, alternative money, infrastructure;
Treasury Reserves : industry, money, securities, resources;
Offshore Funds Repatriation & Reshoring, Made in Canada;
Financial & Wealth Management, New Wealth creation;
Public & private financial institutions;
new payment systems and credit card infrastructure;
private trust, investment banking and enterprise finance;
open source technology and telecommunication systems;

Government, Public - Private Entities, Trades & Industries;
Ethical creative options for government, industry & enterprise;
Associations, Unions, non-union, working share owners;
Integrated Trades & Industries, co-operative associations;
Education, University, College, Trades & Technology Institutes;
strategic, operational and tactical accounts and more;
sovereign funds & pension, mutual development projects;
Making the USMCA* Agreement Obsolete & Irrelevant;
First Nations Trade & Development Agency;

Notes - Industry

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