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The visionary Michael Comeau is the founder, CEO and trustee of the company. This indeavour was originally started as a way to organize a private investment portfolio with a complex array of private securities. Concerning securites and management, interlocking ownership, business combinations, joint ventures, voting, control and jurisdictions were some of the elements involved.

Greater elements concerning financial and non-financial investment management, new wealth creation, investment and acquisitions and related financial statements, pro-forma and actual results such as revenues, cash management, enterprise and financial management with the required intel to make decisions and knowing the state of the enterprise is essential for dynamic and successful pro-active management.

Pro-active outlooks are visionary in nature and also based on what is needed now. While enabling risk management and solid asset protection, personal and financial privacy, (which is something that is practically non-existent in many places with many institutions or enterprise), integration for private prospectus, initial organization, in addtion to pre-IPO and IPO potential, were all required as an advanced management and operating system, which is known as a custom made Economic Toolbox, that is comprehensive and necessary.

Additionally, all the other factors to deal with concerning private companies, private securities, reporting, non reporting, public and private investment entities, individual investors and those entrepreneurs with an idea to start and build an enterprise, the visionary individual with a dream and ambition, and the idea of transforming thought into reality, are all integrated here.

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